This fun class is all about getting you moving along with your little one. Bonding with your child through exercise is both beneficial for baby & mum/dad. We incorporate a safe pilates practice that is suitable to do with babies, allowing parents to workout and practice mindfulness techniques & relaxation at the same time.

Introducing yourself to physical activity after having a baby may be very challenging. This six week programme is designed to gently break you back into exercise or introduce you to Pilates in a fun & friendly way.

This all takes place whilst interacting with your little, you won't even notice how many reps or exercises you have done. We work on your pelvic floor, we encourage you to begin to rebuild your core strength. These all important muscles that can weaken during pregnancy and birthing. 

The class is for 1 hour, you will be exercising for around 45minutes. We let the babies decide how the session may flow if they need a feed or nappy change you can stop at any time and join back in once they are settled. We play baby music in the background and when exercising we often incorporate song time for them as well as using toys to keep them involved.

This class is a great way to meet other like minded parents, whilst exercising and playing with your little one. 

Don't miss out on this unique experience book your spot today. 

Cost: 4 weeks £34.00/ Drop in £10.00

Date: Tuesday 23rd June- Wednesday 14th July 2020 @ 1pm - 2pm

Mum & Baby Pilates & Yoga

1 Maypole Yard off West Street,    Dunstable Bedfordshire  LU6 1XF

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